Trees now out on Youtube!

The day the earth caught fire! Well almost, the new lyric video for Trees is here.

Spread the word andspread the video. Thanks for all the support and patience.

/Thomas Van Shaw

New single Trees out tomorrow

Yes, your eyes were correct!

Tomorrow the new single from Danger Avenue, Trees, will be released on YouTube and then on Spotify and from there… who knows?

Trees Cover

Hope you’ll enjoy it!
/Thomas Van Shaw

Release party for new single Trees

After a lot of pressure, the song and video for our single Tree was finally done!

The world premier took place at Sticky Fingers, followed by an energetic gig from the band at Sticky Fingers. Pictures can be found on the Danger Avenue Facebook page.

Trees Release Party

The video will be up on Youtube in a couple of days. Stay tuned!

The band wants to thank all of you who showed up.
/Thomas Van Shaw

The Lizzy tribute was a blast

30 years ago Phil Lynott died and this year a tribute concert was held at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg. Danger Avenue were invited and of course said yes. Not a difficult decision.

The band went down a storm and had Thomas Van Shaw on vocals and new singer Rob Jidhed playing the bass, while bass player Viktor O’Malley was unavailable at the time. The audience was great and the night was a respectful but an all-in evening which Phil himself would’ve been proud of.

Next gig is the release party for the bands new single, Trees! Friday January 29th at Sticky Fingers is the time and place. Be there!

/Thomas Van Shaw

Story behind the songs

Many years ago, I read in a history magazine about a strangely unknown hero. His name was Stanislav Petrov. He was a part of the Soviet Union and lives in Russia now, and happened to save the world basically…

Long story short, he stopped the world from entering av nuclear war. Several years later, I thought about him and decided to write a song about it. The story was so good and he deserved more recognition in my opinion.

Stanislav Petrov

We played this song live and it has gotten a great response. It has a very good chance of ending up on our new album!

So imagine my surprise the other night when I turned on the TV and cam across a new documentary about him titled The Man Who Saved The World. Luckily for us, we have another title in mind 😉

It’s great that he now gets a larger recognition for his bravery and belief in humanity.

Until next time, take care, rock on and remember.. you always have a choice!

/Thomas Van Shaw