Story behind the songs…

For a many years ago I read in a history magazine about a strangely unknown hero. His name was Stanislav Petrov, he was a part of the Soviet Union and lives in Russia now. And he happened to save the world basically. Long story short, he stopped the world from entering av nuclear war. Many years later I thought about this again and decided to write a song about it cause it was a good story and he deserved more recognition in my opinion. So I did. It has a very good chance of ending up on our new album and we’ve played it live and got great response.

So imagine my surprise the other night when I turned on the tv and found a new documentary about him! The Man Who Saved The World. Luckily for us, we had another title in mind ;) Great that he gets a larger recognition for his bravery and belief in humanity!

But biggest is of course to be part of  a rock song, don’t you think? ;)

‘Til next time, take care and rock on and remember…you always have a choice

/Van Shaw

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Wow…. thank you everyone that rocked Sticky last night!

The band was a juggernaut on stage at Gothenburg’s Sticky Fingers last night and blasted through classics, new songs and a pair of covers for a perfect rock n roll stew. The crowd was simply put: Awesome! A big thank you to everyone who came for their support!

Next stop: Stockholm, at Harry B James August 21! See you there!


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Tonight at Sticky Fingers the band will film the gig!

Yes! You can be part of the new Danger Avenue-video if you come down tonight to Sticky Fingers and rock with the band!

Free entrance til 22, the band hit the stage at 23.30!

More info at Danger Avenue’s facebook

See You There Rockers!

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Thanks Everyone!

Last night at the gig at Pub Anchor the crowd was fantastic! Everyone from every walks of life seemed to be there and enjoying themselves in the middle of the the Pride-festivalweek. Thanks also to the venue for their hospitality. We’ll definitely be back and rock the house once more!

Next stop is Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg, August 15! Then back in Stockholm, this time at Harry B James August 21! Hope to see as many of you there!

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